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E-OBIT.COM Obituary Internet Service

Showing Respect and Honoring the deceased is an integral part of our social fabric.  Remembering what made a person's life touch their family, friends, business and social contacts.

People used to live in small communities where everyone was able to communicate through telephone and the local newspaper. E-OBIT.COM was created to be able to ease the hardship of contacting people who are now living in different towns, counties, states and even countries.

Obituary postings are listed at E-OBIT.COM for your convenience wherever you may be.  You can also send a personalized message to the surviving family via e-mail.

To find a current obituary that you would like to view please click on the OBITUARIES button.  One day after the burial we move the obituary into our ARCHIVES page for permanent remembrance.  You can search our entire website for a specific obituary by going to the SEARCH page.  Finally, we have a PRODUCTS/SERVICES page that will keep you up to date on what is going on in the funeral and other industries.

You can either go through your local funeral home, postal mail, fax, or even E-mail  us direct, through our MEMORIALIZE page, with the obituary notice for posting to the world.  We will even post pictures of your liking which will be return to you via postal service.

If you wish to give us feedback or ask questions about our web site please look below to feedback and click on our electronic mail address.

651-451-8778 / 1-877-451-8778
Postal address:
P.O. Box 478 S. St. Paul, MN 55075-0478
Electronic mail:
Feedback:  eobitcom@aol.com
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